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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oven Baked Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwiches

A couple of people asked me for the recipe I used for these sandwiches. I wish I could say that it's very complex and gourmet, but notsomuch!

Oven Baked Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwiches
Sliced Roast Beef (from the deli section)
Sliced Jack Cheese
Sesame Seed Buns (or any rolls you prefer)

Season Roast Beef with salt & pepper, add your favorite spreads to bread (mayo/mustard). Layer beef and cheese on a roll/bun and wrap with foil. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes, until cheese is melted and meat is hot. I love how the bread gets just a little crispy on the outside. There are so many ways you could make this, the possibilities are endless!


NorCalMom said...

I do something similar and the kids love it. I also use deli roast beef and heat it up in au jus, add it to some good crusty rolls and then top with pepper jack cheese. During the summer I toss them in the toaster oven to melt the cheese. These make a great quick weekday meal.

PS - I like your new blog design. Very cute!

Kelli said...

YAY!! Thanks for posting it girl...gonna try it this week =) You're right, it does sound really simple, which is even better =)

Michelle said...

This sounds like a great Sunday lunch; quick and simple. That's what we like right after church.