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Monday, November 1, 2010

How We Spent Our Halloween Weekend

Our Halloween festivities began on Thursday night with pumpkin carving.

Cooper had a bit of a meltdown so there aren't many pictures of the actual carving.

But I do have a fabulous before and after for you!



On Saturday, Cooper's preschool hosted a "Fun Fest" carnival. I had a photo booth and took hay bale photos for eight tickets a pop.

On the BIG day, Cooper FINALLY got to get all decked out in his costume.

The cutest Woody you've ever seen right?

We knocked on exactly three doors in our neighborhood. Not because that's all we wanted to do, but that's how many participate on our happy little cul-de-sac.

We spent the rest of the evening at a carnival at Rick's daughter's church. We played games, and got lots of candy and cute prizes.

The vendors were really great with this little guy, even helping him "win."

We had a wonderfully busy weekend, although I am truly exhausted today.

Now it's on to planning for the next big holiday - BLACK FRIDAY!! Oops, I mean Thanksgiving...

Remember these marshmallow pumpkins? Well I've been coming up with some ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas marshmallows, so stick around!

This weekend is the Grandma-to-be party I told you about here. I'll have a post on that next week. 

See, I told you there was lots going on around here! See you soon!!


NorCalMom said...

He makes an adorable Woody! Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

Have a great week!

I am looking forward to hearing about the Grandma-to-be party.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Love the Woody costume... what a cutie! I think we knocked on seven doors before my daughter was too tired to go on. Great jack-o-lanterns, by the way!

Adriana said...

Such a cute Woody and it looks like Cooper had tons of fun!

Unknown said...

Yes he is the cutest woody!

Anonymous said...

He IS the cutest Woody ever!

I made the marshmallow pumpkins! They were a hit! :) Thanks for the idea! I've got three Christmas ideas too! I'm excited to try them.

Stylist A said...

He is seriously the cutest woody ever. Love love love it. Thank for sharing as always. Hope you and the fam are good AND hopefully we could do a meet up soon. :)

Penelope said...

You must add Coop to our costume contest! Great photo!

Angelia Sims said...

Absolutely the cutest little Woody I have ever seen! Love those curls and he is so happy too. The crying pumpkin cracked me up, reminded me of my dog that is scared of everything. Lol.

Great pics of a fab weekend. Happy WW!

happy me said...

So cute! Those curls! :)


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. You were right. He is the cutest little Woody out there. too sweet for words : )

Renegades said...

What a nice picture of your pumpkins all lit up.

Anonymous said...

aww, he is SO adorable! I love the photos.

HaB said...

What adorable photos!!! And, it looks like he had a great time!

Brooke said...

He makes an adorable Woody. Love it!!!

shellycoulter said...

Cute costumes. Love the pumpkins!