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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Balsalmic Chicken Tenders

I'm back with another yummy recipe! Balsamic vinegar used to be one of my favorite condiments but it's been ages since I've cooked with it. I decided to try a new recipe and of course had to share it here!

Balsamic Chicken Tenders
10 (or so) chicken tenders
1/3 cup chicken broth
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp italian seasoning
1 Tbsp oil
salt to taste

1. Mix all of the ingredients and pour over chicken in a zipped plastic bag.
2. Marinate for 30 minutes
3. Heat olive oil in a skillet.
4. Fry the chicken over medium high heat until no longer pink inside.
5. Serve with noodles or a salad.

I served these with buttered noodles sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Yum!! I made a double batch and saved some for chicken salad lunches this week at work.


Leah @ Beyer Beware said...

Pretty much anything with Balsamic Vinegar makes my heart skip a beat. These sound fantastic. Come over and link them up to Hunk of Meat Monday !

Give Back Today said...

YUM! I love balsamic in my food! I am going to add this to our meal plan for Thurdsay! Thank you for sharing!


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

I was just making a meal plan for the week and saw this. It made the cut! I can't wait to try it. Thanks :) I hope all is well with you all. Have a great week.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This looks really good and sounds pretty easy, too. Can't wait to try it out!

The Raudenbush Family said...

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Jess said...

Awesome blog! Please feel free to stop by and follow me at

Avry said...

Drool this makes me hungry!! mmm

TerinAleah said...

I'm a new follower! :) Can't wait to get to know you better!

Christine's Pantry said...

Great recipe! Love it!

ashley said...

I just found you today and I think I love you. AMAZING recipes and posts. Can't wait to follow along with both blogs.

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Totally rockin' out to some Adele right now. hehehe Thanks for the jam session with my little diva sitting here with me. :) I hope you're doing well!

-Susan- said...

Just discovered your wonderful blog on! I will be back often to see what you are up too! Absolutely LOVE the name of your blog! Glad you are out here in cyber-space :)

Miranda said...

Mmmmm!!! These look so tasty!!! I know what we're having for dinner! haha

VICKI IN AZ said...

hello lovely! i cam because i saw a link for your valentine print! love it!!! I am so excited to go print your Christmas print. it is my very favorite! thank you and GOD bless you. xoxo