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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ten Things That Are NOT Okay

Under the topic of totally random, I'm taking a break from party planning to delight you with a top ten list. Because I know you 've been wondering, just what really drives me crazy.

Drumroll please.......

10. Asking "Does this make me look fat?" If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes.

9. When my son splashes so much bath water that it begins to make it's way down the hall.

8. Women who wear pants with words across the butt.

7. When people use text language in normal conversation. OMG LOL!

6. Mass email forwards.

5. People who quote the Bible, yet have no idea of the context of what they're quoting.

4. People who use the drive-up ATM to do seven transactions. For goodness sakes, get out of your car and stop holding up the line!

3. Jon and Kate. I'm over it.

2. The Old Navy commercials with the talking manequins. Creepy.

1. Hot Dog and Hot Dog buns packaging. Is it really that hard to package a product that matches up to it's counter part?

So tell me, what is NOT okay with you?


Kelly Howard said...

Oooo, this is a good post! And I agree with all ten things! But I can think of ten more too! I will have to use this one! THANKS!!

Jennifurla said...

One thing that makes me crazy are small parking spots, I mean shoot our cars have grown to dinasaur size but the car spots keep shrinking!

Adriana said...

Number 8 really bothers me, especially when they're PJ bottoms and people wear them out! But my all time favorite is being blocked from putting my groceries down when they're is tons of room at the register, some people have no grocery shopping etiquette!

Noelle said...

I'm not okay with The Simpsons. :) AND the mass emails! I have this friend who sends at least 3 a day. I haven't got the courage yet to tell her to take me off her list.

Michelle said...

I have to say when we first went online, years ago, I forward several emails a day. Thank goodness that phase is over.
I also agree on #1

Kelly Polizzi said...

Slooooow drivers in the FAST lane! Grrrr ROAD RAGE

Sandra said...

I agree with everything you said, especially the one about pants with words across the butt. Nobody needs to know your butt is "Juicy." That's TMI.

Stacie said...

Totally agree and my real favorite is when the ATM people let someone out of the car to walk up and do a transaction. Seriously?